Dark Mountains


What our community has been saying...

I have sought treatment from Dr. Shi for years— and am never disappointed. Have visited for several reasons— pain, colds, sinus , and the treatment always helps. The environment is quite comfortable. I have been referring all my family and friends there. Keep up the good work!
I cannot begin to tell you what a difference my treatment has made me feel. It eases my stiffness and pain in my neck and back. Thank you, thank you! People do not believe that you have cured my husband from snoring — the best ever. Very relaxing, the service is wonderful! I have many times referred to my friends and families, and they continue to thank me.
—    JOAN

Dear Dr. Shi: I am happy to report that I am feeling much better. My blood pressure is lower, and I have cut back most commitments and am relaxing more. I am sleeping better and my outlook on life seems to be better. For the first time in ages, I am interested in exercise and some yard work. For several days last week, I did not need my glasses or contacts to read. I appreciate all that you have done and count my experience with you as positive!
—    JEAN
Acupuncture is my primary healthcare of choice, and I find acupuncture relaxes me. The treatment in this office resolved my health problems many times. I always refer to my friends and families here.
—    ML

I always look forward to my appointments knowing that I will find some relief through these treatments. I feel Dr Shi listens to whatever my health problem may be at that time and treats it accordingly — whether it be chronic, stressful, or allergy-related. The waiting room is tastefully decorated & colorful with paintings & photos, and there are reading materials available also. The staff always greets me by name and with a smile, and they are professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and competent. The waiting time is short as well for scheduling another appointment date and making the payment. This is especially advantageous to those of us trying to make a train on time. My husband also comes, and treatments have helped him. This office is located in an area where it is easy to find, and transportation is available by bus, train, or car.
The staff of Acupuncture Medical was always professional, caring, and very accommodating. The treatment in this office definitely resolved my health problems. The environment is peaceful and most relaxing. I have already referred to friends and family. I will continue to recommend Acupuncture Medical to all who are looking for alternative solutions to their health issues!
—    LUCY

I always feel better after treatments. Love it — clean and safe!
I always felt fabulous and the clients I referred always felt fabulous after any treatments. It resolved a lot of issues to a great extent. The environment and service here was lovely. I would absolutely refer family and friends but most of my family and clients are out of the area convenient to Philadelphia. I admire and respect Dr. Shi and always will. Great practitioner and wonderful person. I miss you!
—    JULIA

After my treatments and visits, I felt a sense of relief and relaxation. The environment and service was good.
—    WANDA
20-year relationship!